Fish Care

August 24th, 2016

After 18 years of experience at home aquarium to marine park level I have learnt the following facts:

  • The most common fault people make in my experience is thinking they need to remove the fish from the tank. This will cause stress to the fish which inevitably cause disease and possible death.
  • When cleaning tanks people often think they need to remove and clean all the stones and scrub them along with the inside surfaces of the tank. This will kill the good bacteria formed in the tank which again may lead to disease and death of the fish.
  • The water is not changed frequently enough in the tank. Most people do not change the correct level of water. In most cases they replace insufficient clean water to dilute the toxins in the water.
  • Over-feeding can pollute the water.
  • Under-feeding can also kill the fish.
  • People should not treat there sick fish without consultation from a qualified fish expert.
  • Location and setup of your fish tank are important factors in slowing the growth of algae and protection of the fish from direct sunlight.
  • Inadequate filtration which promotes cloudy water and excess algae.
  • It is common too see fish tanks that have 24 hour lighting which puts undue stress on the fish who have no eyelids.

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